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Week 4 Post 2

2 Websites I use or visit frequently
 Firstly Amazon.
         Amazon is an amazing website and everyone can agree based on its "prime" membership, which allows for one day shipping or a couple day shipping depending on the item you purchase. First off, the contrast of the colors (blue header and white background)  that Amazon uses works well with their website. Nothing is poppy and the colors are plain which make for a nice outline for the website. Secondly, the alignment of the product page is well thought out. Once you click on a product and are viewing that product I like how it pops up similar items right below it to get opposing opinions on products. Also, the use of hierarchy on Amazon's website is well done. From the popular options at the top of the page to the important information about a purchase you are about to make, everything works well.
        What keeps me coming back to Amazon, which everyone can agree …

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